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D&C Expediters has been serving Alaska hunters since 1976. Here are some facts you should know about our service.

* All client trophies are fully insured for the replacement value of a similar item while they are in our shop.

We average 5½ months completion on all North American trophies with a special 120-day Rush Service available upon request. Rush Service orders must be clearly marked "RUSH SERVICE" when trophies are received in our shop. Rush Service is not available after the skins are sent to the tannery, which is approximately one week after the skins are received.

* If you use our taxidermy service, we deduct the handling fees of your trophies. Due to the size of crates, it is cost effective to the client to have moose and caribou shoulder mounts and life-size bears done at our D&C Montana studio. We will pay for the transportation of your trophy from Alaska to Butte, Montana - 3,000 miles. By using D&C Expediters, you will also be taking advantage of an additional savings - No Sales Tax! Both Alaska and Montana are sales tax-free states.

* All D&C clients receive a 75% freight discount. This discount will be credited to you upon delivery of your trophies. All trophies are shipped freight collect.

* Butte, Montana is the location of the Port of Montana, Inland Port Authority and Facility, offering the strategic location for D&C Expediters to gain access to markets and resources worldwide. The Port of Montana is a Rail-Truck Transportation Hub and provides our customers the most efficient, lowest cost, versatile and responsive shipping services possible in today's market.

* 90% of all foreign shipments are shipped via Seattle, Washington. Containerized shipments are usually shipped from Anchorage, Alaska


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